Laser Production Services

Custom Job Production

Step 1: Full Material List

Lasers Plus utilizes both CO2 and Fiber lasers to produce engraving, cutting, and marking results on a wide variety of materials. Not sure if your material is compatible with laser processing? Check out our full material list below to see all production capabilities.

Step 2: See Examples

Whether you need to process a few products or thousands of products, we are here to help. We offer laser engraving, cutting of custom parts/prototypes, and marking for asset tracking or quality assurance. Need inspiration? Check out our examples below.

Step 3: Submit Files and RFQ

To provide an accurate quote for your laser production needs, we ask that you submit all artwork, engineering files, and relevant information to your custom job process. A representative will reach out to provide a custom quote based on the info received.

Full Material List

Laser Materials Fabrics Foams Glass Leather Plastics Woods
Laser Metals Engrave Mark
Laser Plastics Engrave Cut Mark

Laser Processing Examples

Below is a gallery of some of the many products we have laser engraved, cut, or marked for our customers. Whether you need to process 1 product or 1,000’s of products we are here to help.

Products We Offer

Gifts & Promotional Items

Need a unique gift or promotional item to catch someone’s interest? This catalog offers a variety of unique personalized gifts and products tailored to your specific interests. Personalization done by laser engraving.

Polar Camel Drinkware

Popular insulated stainless steel drinkware ensures your drinks stay at optimum temperature despite potentially harsh environments. Make your drinkware unique by laser engraving any art or file onto the end piece.