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Get The Best Filtration and Fume Extraction Equipment for Every Workshop Need

With Lasers Plus what you get is exactly what you need – high quality, perfectly measured filtration and extraction to protect your working environment. 

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Filtration & Fume Extraction Equipment

Lasers Plus sells, services, and supports the full product line of TBH filtration and fume extraction equipment. Fume extraction and filtration is a critical part of safety for processes such as laser engraving, laser cutting, laser marking, soldering, welding, grinding, machining, gluing, injection molding, and medical laser treatments. Fume extraction systems are an absolute necessity in any workshop dealing with dangerous substances and byproducts; they provide an extra layer of protection against exposure to hazardous toxins while allowing workers to carry out their duties without risking their safety or well-being.

TBH Filtration BF Series Products

The BF Series is a durable, tool-free, and flexible modular option. 

Our BF Series is ideal for nearly any application such as wet or dusty filtration, and can easily fit in spaces of any size. 

TBH LN 600 Series Filtration and Fume Extraction

The LN Series is our Heavy Duty extraction option made for large areas.

Equipped with high-performance turbines designed especially for large areas with sticky to damp dust extraction.

TBH Filtration GL Desk Series Products

Our Desktop model, the GL is the compact option for limited space.

Highly adjustable, the desktop units utilize quiet technology and double absorption power with the activated carbon filter. 

Our TBH units are loaded with features to make your life easy.

Save tons of time on production and maintenance. Our modular, German-engineered filtration systems are loaded with features to make it easy to use, from tool-free adjustments to long-lasting filter media.

Welding Fume Extraction and Filtration 1

Double Absorbtion Power

Our unique active carbon filter system neutralizes the extracted materials through physical and chemical absorption. 

Quite & Energy Saving

With our noise-reducing blowers, we deliver a mind-blowing 65% energy savings. Environmentally friendly and perfect for noise-sensitive environments. 

Modular & Configurable

Easy filtration combinations, adaptable to different processes and applications. The modularity allows our systems to work seamlessly with any workspace.

Always know where your system stands.

With an innovative, simplistic control system and LED display, you always know everything to maintain operating equipment and a safe working environment. 

The number of functional applications our TBH modular filtration and extraction systems is incredible.

From laser engraving to soldering, welding, and even medical and dental processes, we have a unit that is perfect for your needs. 

Process Applications

Any Work Processes Producing Gases or Vapors.

Because of the complexity of gas and vapor removal, you need the right solution to maintain a safe working environment. Every TBH Extraction system is equipped to handle extraction with processes that create vapors and gasses safely. 

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